Monday, May 13, 2019

End of School Year Treat Bags

When my boys were in elementary school, we celebrated anything and everything. This included the end of the school year. Years ago, I found the adorable treat bag toppers featured above from an online merchant who,sadly, is no longer in business.You can view my original post here. I did, however, do a little research for you to find some fun toppers and have some ideas on how to fill them. Most of them are instant downloads, so you can print them at home.I usually pick up the bags at Michael's, but you can also use sandwich bags or these .
     This cute topper obviously is perfect for a treat bag filled with a s'mores kit. Include a mini Hershey bar, a marshmallow or several mini marshmallows and a couple of graham crackers. Ideal summer treat.

   Kids always enjoy goldfish. Add some of the goldfish crackers to a treat bag or buy the mini bags of goldfish and top with this design. Fun and easy.

Summer is all about the cool treats. A good idea for this topper would be a gift card to a local ice or ice cream shop, or these cute treats . Maybe even some sprinkles or other ice-cream toppings.  Ice-cream flavored jelly beans would also be fun!
The beauty of this topper is that it can be filled with anything sweet, Choose your favorite candies and fill up the bags!
If you would prefer to stay away from edibles, this one is a nice way to send friends off for the summer. Pick up some balls,or deflated beach balls and each child gets one.
This topper was the closest in design to the one I used in my original post. I can be filled with anything you choose. I filled mine with alligator cookies that we made, candies and store bought cookies. It really is all about keeping it easy and fun.
One last idea is another easy one. Pick up some sidewalk chalk in bulk and toss a few into each bag. Kids love to draw all over the sidewalks in the summer.
I hope you are able to use some of these ideas and tags to make life a bit easier as the school year winds down. You can really fill them with so many different things from sunglasses to sweets . Have your children help by filling the bags and folding the toppers. Have fun!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

Today I am sharing some delicious recipes for your Mother's Day breakfast. This Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe is our featured recipe of the week and can be found to the right of this post.

Quiche is always a great breakfast idea. If you want to make it easier, purchase a ready made crust at the supermarket.This one is filled with broccoli and cheddar.

Belgian waffles are delicious, but add some chocolate to the mix and you've got an ideal Mother's Day sweet breakfast! Chocolate Waffles are a treat! What mom doesn't enjoy a little chocolate?

I love a good muffin. These are absolutely delicious. The combination of banana and chocolate really make for a heavenly sweet bite for breakfast.

Corn muffins are always a favorite. These have just the right amount of honey and vanilla. Wonderful for Mother's Day or any other day of the year!

 We love these Maple Walnut Muffins. Perfect little breakfast bite!

These pancakes make a wonderful fall dessert, but we make them almost every weekend. Easy and delicious.

It doesn't get any easier or tastier than this. Add whatever vegetables you love ,some cheese and you've got breakfast!

Banana Bread is a terrific option for breakfast or any other time of day.

Puffed Apple Pancake is a flavorful way to start the day.

Smoothies are ideal for the health conscious mom . Serve with a plate of fruit and breakfast is ready!
Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dessert Recipes for a Mother's Day Brunch Table

Mother's Day is Sunday, so I thought I'd share a few tried and true recipes with you that are sure to please Mom.

This Lemon Cake from Ina Garten is a favorite in my home. Made with yogurt, it has a  extra tang and is absolutely delicious!
Another great lemon recipe is this Lemon Blueberry cake. Easy to make and leftovers(if there are any) can be wrapped well and frozen.
 Elegant Cookie Mousse Cups make a beautiful addition to any brunch table.
Here are a few more favorite brunch dessert ideas.

Lemon Bars


Chocolate Sour Cream Loaf

Cinnamon Mocha Tart
Mousse Filled Crepes with Vanilla Sauce
Fruit Crumb Bars
 I hope you will try a recipe or two and enjoy them as much as we do! Check in tomorrow for some Mother's Day breakfast ideas!

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Filling Easter Baskets

One of the many things I enjoy about Easter is filling baskets. When my boys were very young, I ordered their baskets from Pottery Barn and we've used them every year since. I love to arrange some of their favorite treats, along with gift cards, video games, and always a toothbrush and books! As they've grown, we've moved on to things like shirts,hats, and more teen oriented items, but I still have little nephews so I get to buy some really cute things! Regardless of what they are into,I always enjoy the ribbon,wrapping and making them look beautiful.Today I am sharing some items that make great basket fillers.
This is one of our favorite stories. PJ Funnybunny has too many siblings and is convinced he would be better off living with a different family. In the end ,he realizes he is exactly where he was meant to be. This one has a lot of repetition ,which makes it fun for the kids to read along. Love this book!
Activity books are always fun for kids.I am sending this one to a few of my nephews this year.Filled with puzzles,stickers and coloring activities makes it a fun addition to a basket.
Bubbles...naturally. Kids love bubbles. I picked these up ,though I don't remember where. May have been Target or Bjs. They have Peeps on them making them perfect for Easter!

    These are the bunnies my boys will be receiving this year. Godiva is currently having a sale with free shipping ,so it was an easy choice,plus their chocolate is delicious! They are now buy 1,get one at 50% off.
If you have any swimmers in your family, these goggles are a great gift idea. We have numerous pairs and the boys love them.
   The gift of music is always a great idea.This cd is perfect for a Disney fan, but Amazon has a tremendous amount of choices for all age groups. Perfect basket filler!
Another fun idea is a new video game. Games for the Switch system will fit into any basket. One of my boys requested this one this year.
There are so many fun things you can incorporate into your baskets. Here are some tried and true goodies.

Jump ropes never go out of style.
Nail polish or this cute manicure set for the young ladies in  your life.
Puzzles are always a good choice. So many to choose from in all sizes  and themes.
Mad Libs have always been a favorite here. They are a fun way to work on different parts of language with your children. This Easter pad  is the perfect choice.
They even have a junior version filled with activities.
Another idea for the little ladies in your life are some hair bows and  this cute one has Peeps all over it! So fun! I found this on Etsy, which happens to have such a wonderful selection of unique gifts not only for Easter, but for any occasion.
I really love this next idea. If your child is the creative type and loves to play in the kitchen, this may be a great idea for you. Pick up a couple of chocolate molds,featuring their favorite characters, and some melting chocolate for their basket. This is an activity you can work on together making delicious chocolates and precious memories!If you have a candy supply store nearby,you can pick some up,or visit Amazon.
The two I've featured are Princess Sofia  and Peppa Pig.. I  like to use this melting chocolate. Here is the link for the lollipop sticks. 
    I also love the idea of popsicle molds. With the warm weather approaching, these are always a sweet, fun project for the kids.
There are so many fun ideas for baskets. Crayons,paints,play-doh, mini cars, stickers,dolls etc., all make great gifts for the kids. Think about your children's favorite characters,interests, shops and clothing and you will be able to create the basket of their dreams! Remember, it doesn't all have to be candy!
   Have a sweet day!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Books for Children

In our house, reading has always been an important activity. When the boys were younger,we always had a supply of seasonal books on display in their rooms for bedtime reading, or really for anytime they felt like picking up a book. It was always fun to visit the book store and pick up a few new stories to add to our collection. When I tell you that we have a ridiculous amount of books in our attic, I'm not kidding, but I cannot even contemplate ever parting with them. Not only are they great stories, they are also reminders of very special moments. Today, I want to share a few of our favorites with you. Some  are still available for purchase, others may require a trip to the library(and that is a good thing). I've attached links for your convenience.
I fondly remember this book from my childhood and made sure I bought a copy when I had children of my own. I've always been a fan of Wende & Harry Devlin and their Cranberry series, and this book is a sweet story as well. Fletcher is a dog who has decided that he needs to hatch out of an egg in order to get the attention that the new little chicks are getting. It is a very sweet story.
Norman Bridwell books were always favorites here. Clifford and this little Easter adventure will please the younger kids for sure.
Another story that was popular here(especially with me) is this precious story of a tiny family and their adventures as they search for their grandfather's umbrella in the garden. Love this one!
Our collection of Berenstain Bear books is never ending. Great stories covering a wide range of topics, always with a sweet lesson.

   The Easter Story
 Real Easter Eggs
Is it even Easter if this classic isn't mentioned?
Disney fans will find this Pooh story endearing. Pooh and his favorite pals go on an Easter adventure that will delight your little ones.
If your child enjoys chapter books, Junie B. Jones is always a fun choice. She is a spunky little girl who always gets herself into a little bit of a mess. She is funny,clever and the stories are great.
Freddy Thresher is a sweet boy who often doubts himself ,but seems to muster up the courage to face his fears. This particular spring story is for the younger beginning readers, but there is an entire series of chapter books for the primary grade level .
This story is an oldie but a fun one. Judy Delton's Pee Wee Scouts are always up for an adventure as they work to earn badges for their good deeds. Great stories for Girl & Boy Scouts.
If you are celebrating Passover, this sweet book is a wonderful choice.
Sticker books like this one are always a great way to keep children entertained while learning about the holidays.
Pippa's Passover Plate is a heartwarming story about a mouse that is preparing her home for the holiday when she realizes she cannot find her seder plate. She enlists the help of her neighbors and when she finds it, invites them all to share the holiday with her.
There are many,many wonderful stories available about Easter,Passover and spring. These are just some suggestions based on what we've enjoyed throughout the years. Books make great additions to Easter baskets. I hope you and your little ones enjoy some of these as well.

Here is the link for Spring is Here.

Happy Reading!!