Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Pie Cookie

Here is a fun idea! Making a cookie that looks like a slice of pie.It's easy and delicious.The cookie cutter is available at http://www.fancyflours.com/  ,and is called the "Slice of Pie Cookie Cutter."Another way to make these would be to use ready made pie crust,cut out and bake the pieces,then instead of icing,fill with real pie filling,such as apple,cherry or even chocolate pudding & whipped cream!Here is how you do it;

  Using a pie shaped cookie cutter and your favorite sugar cookie recipe,roll and cut out the shapes.Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet,and bake.Most recipes call for 7-9 minutes in a 350 degree oven.Remove from the oven and sprinkle the triangle tops with sugar.Once cooled,color vanilla frosting (see my recipe below), red and blue.Spread a generous amount of the icing on the "pie" piece of the cookie.Carefully place the sugared top part of the cookie on the icing,close to the top of the cookie.Fill in the remaining space with m & m candies that match the icing.

Confectioner's Sugar Icing:
Confectioner's sugar
   I do not measure this when I make it.I use a small or large bowl,depending on how much I will be using,and fill it with powdered sugar(at least one small box) . Slowly,add small amounts of water,a teaspoon at a time and stir until you reach spreading consistency.Be careful,as a small amount of water goes a long way.The icing should not be pasty,it should be smooth.If you do add too much water,just add a bit more sugar until you reach your desired consistency. Color with desired food coloring.Have fun!
    Happy Fourth of July!!!

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  1. Hey. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes and stories. Ot makes me want to bake some more cookies even though I just made some yesterday. Haha.

    And I'm wondering why it seems that no one comments that much on your posts?