Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Last of the Graduation Cookies

   Another graduation season has come to an end. I wanted to share a few more of the fun platters I created for some very special graduates. Here are a few of the smaller platters I put together;

I also had a request for chocolate covered pretzels. I love making them (and eating them) !
When school ends, I always like to give the people who help us throughout the year a little something in addition to gift cards to thank them. I put together these adorable cookie filled jars for the bus drivers. They contain my cookies and  cute tags I found online. I did the same for some "Good Luck" gifts,as well as gifts for graduates.

I am now spending a little less time in the kitchen and a lot more time in the garden. I look forward to sharing some gardening tips as well as pictures of the fruits and veggies I am growing and beginning to harvest! Check in again soon!

Have a sweet week!