Monday, July 10, 2017

Graduations and Summertime!

Today I am sharing the last of of the graduation and summer cookies.In the picture above, I made ten platters for a high school graduation! Congrats to this young man for all of his achievements!
I also put together 200 cookies for another graduation party.This family was celebrating multiple graduations at the same time. Lots of cookies for a lot of people!
  After all of the graduations were over, the cookie theme turned to birthdays. I made these minecraft cupcakes and a cookies platter to celebrate the eighth birthday of my friend's twin boys.

The last of the celebrations was a dual themed party for a brother and sister. The theme was Mermaids and Sailors. Isn't that such a cute idea? Loved making these.
Everyone enjoyed their treats,and I enjoyed making them. Now I will be taking a little break for the summer and spending time with my family. I will be posting some new summer recipes as well as updates on our garden. We seem to be  doing well so far with all the rain we've had. I also have some new projects in the works that I will be announcing in the very near future. Stay tuned!
  Have a great week!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Springtime Celebrations

 Springtime is always a fun,busy time. Here are a few of the goodies I made for friends for Easter,Communions,Baptisms and  a few birthday parties..

   Here is a special carton of egg cookies.So cute.
I made many.many of these jellybeans.
Quite a few of these were made. The peep cookies are always a fun addition to the platters.
The next platter was for a special little guy who loves art. I was pleased with this one!
 These Disney themed Oreos went all the way to Orlando for Easter.
 This nice assortment of linzer tarts and madelines went to a fun gathering.

 This platter was sent to school with one of my boys for Teacher Appreciation Day.

The next two platters were for Communion celebrations.

I also made many cookie favors for Communion parties.

The favors below were made for a beautiful baby girl's baptism.
This platter of crowns was made to celebrate the 60th birthday of a mom who refers to herself as a princess!

This assortment was made for a Star Wars themed party for a young boy. Not bad for someone who has never watched any of the Star Wars movies. Oh well, not a sci-fi/fantasy fan,what can I say? I will be back tomorrow with the last set of cookie creations for graduations and summer fun!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sweets for the Bride

I 'm back! I have been experiencing many computer related issues and was unable to post anything to the blog. Not sure how I managed to get things to work again,but I did! I wanted to catch up on all the cookies that have been made since February.Lots of pictures to go through,so let's get started.Today will be the bridal edition.
  Over the past few months I've made cookies and assorted treats for a variety of celebrations. Many lovely ladies were celebrating engagements,bridal showers and weddings. Here are some of my favorite creations from those celebrations.
   For this shower ,the bride to be requested chocolate covered strawberries as well as calendar "save the date" cookies.

 The next bride wanted her guests to receieve a glitzy letter "M"
 I really enjoyed making the cupcakes for this beach themed bridal shower.
 This shower was travel-themed,and they requested vintage suitcase cookies.
 The next two brides wanted simple wedding dresses,one with Tiffany inspired colors,the other requested pink details.

 I think this was my favorite.The bride to be and her family love horses and racing, and the wedding will be in Saratoga,hence the wedding dresses and race horses. Fun!
 This bride wanted every guest to have an engagement ring cookie presented in a small ring box for her guests. Cute idea!
Wishing all of the lovely ladies happiness as they begin a new chapter in their lives.
  I will be back tomorrow with more cookie creations! Enjoy your day!