Monday, July 16, 2012

Cake Boss Cakes

   Buddy Valastro,aka The Cake Boss, has now made his cakes available at BJs Wholesale Clubs! Of course,I had to get one right away and do a little "taste test." My son was eager to see what was available,so off to the store we went.
    When we arrived at BJs,the display was near empty,so I guess it is fair to say that his opening day was a hit.Two cakes were available..the first was a chocolate caramel cake,which I would have bought,but since the kids wanted to try it,I went for the bright green cake with decorative flowers....what can you do? The cakes are priced at $19.99,which although not cheap,is less than I had expected.
   The cake we purchased is called the "Bada Bloom" cake. It had one layer of vanilla cake,one layer of chocolate cake with a thin layer of chocolate fudge in between.The icing was a buttercream,not a fondant.The packaging was also nice,and included a description of the cake it contained,which is a nice touch.
    After our tasting,I will say this, the cake was very fresh,which is always a plus.The cake also sliced like no other cake I have ever had..perfect slices,leaving virtually no crumbs behind.It looked neat,and I love that. As far as taste goes,I would have to say that the cake was  good....the layers appear to me to be a mix between a layer cake and a pound cake.I know they call it a sponge,but it isn't as light as a sponge.It looks very dense,but it isn't really heavy.The icing is pretty sweet,but not overly sweet.
   All in all,I would say it is a nice treat for a special occasion.After one slice,I was full,and I can really eat cake.This cake is definitely a cut above the typical cakes you will find at your local grocery store.I'd say that Buddy will do well with his newest venture.On my next visit,I will try the chocolate caramel cake,and of course,I will let you know how it tastes!

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