Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Holidays!!

Whew! It has been busy in my kitchen! The ovens were working overtime! I wanted to share some of the fun creations I 've been working on. Many,many cookies left my kitchen and became a part of many special celebrations, and for that, I am grateful. Here are a few of the many orders filled this past month.

A trio of platters waiting to be wrapped.

Chocolate covered Oreos and truffles! Yum!

Chocolate sleighs wrapped and ready to go.
Gifts for teachers.

Just when I thought I was finished, I baked some more!

 Lollipops for the class parties.

 Lots of platters this month.
 These chocolate candy cottages were one of my favorite projects!
 I enjoyed making these sleighs as well. Each was filled with kisses and a trio of mini sugar cookies.

December was sweet indeed! Now ,I am looking for a bit of down time, then we head right into football season! Chocolate covered Oreos,designed like footballs,of course, will be one of many treats available!

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Have a sweet week!