Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Cookie Puzzle

  Okay....I have thought about doing this for awhile,and decided to give it a try today.To say that I may have taken on a bit much is an understatement.Love the concept,but implementing it was not as easy as I had thought.Add in my four children yelling"is it ready yet?Can we eat it yet?When will it be finished?",and you're left with one frazzled mom.However,I persevered,and finished.Not exactly the perfect puzzle that I had in mind,but not too shabby either.
   I used my sugar cookie dough(see Puppy Pops),and cut out a large rectangle.I also used easter cutters to cut out all of the pieces.Once the puzzle board came out of the oven,I used the cookie cutters on it again,because the dough expands while, I had to make sure the pieces would fit.I should have done the same with the individual cookie pieces,but unfortunately,life & my kids,took away my attention from the task.I therefore wound up with pieces that were too big,and sat chiseling away at the board to make them fit.Long story short,it worked!
   The boys,of course,played with it for about 2 minutes,then went to town on it!After eating,and brushing their teeth(all of that sugar,oh my!),they are now sedate and happy.....making this a worthwhile project after all!

*** After the cookies came out of the oven,I placed a whole almond in the middle of each one to make the puzzle pieces easily removable.

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