Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tip #2 - Stocking Your Pantry

It is that time of year again! The smell of turkey is in the air. For some, the stress is mounting, but that can be alleviated if you plan ahead. A well stocked pantry is the key to success in the kitchen. Below is a list of suggested items to keep on hand. Again, these are only suggestions, you may need more or less than what I have listed.

Essential Pantry Items:

-cooking spices(sage,rosemary,thyme,salt,pepper)
-baking spices(cinnamon,cloves,ginger,nutmeg,pumpkin pie spice)
- pure vanilla extract(no imitation)
-cranberry sauce(if you enjoy the canned cranberries)
-stuffing mix(if that s your preference)
-dried fruits(cranberries,cherries,figs,apricots)
-baking soda
-baking powder
-chicken stock
-dried mushrooms(great in a pinch,a little water and they are ready)
-bread crumbs
-evaporated milk
-sweetened condensed milk
-cocoa powder
-instant coffee
-chocolate chips

   These are just basic pantry staples. Be sure to make lists for your personal needs, and shop as far in advance as possible. With a bit of planning and a well stocked pantry, you are on your way to a terrific Thanksgiving!

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