Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time to Sign Up for Your Local CSA

  It is time to sign up for your local CSA! Local farms offer a program known as CSA or Community Suppoted Agriculture. When you sign up with your local farm, you receive 20-26 weeks worth of farm fresh fruits and vegetables for an annual fee. The fees can range in price, most falling between $500-1500 per season. Sound like too much? Get together with a friend or another family and split the cost and produce each week!
   Many of the farms offer organics as well as add-on products such as artisanal breads,eggs,meat or fish. If you are lucky ,your farm may deliver right to your door, otherwise they arrange a local pick-up spot each week.
  This is a great way to ensure you and your family are eating healthy,fresh produce while supporting local farmers. The cost helps pay for seeds,fertilizer,equipment and staff. Still too expensive? Don't worry! Many local farms set up weekly farmer's markets in different towns so families are able to purchase what they need within their price range.

Whichever method works best for you and your budget, be sure to check out your neighborhood's local farmer's market. The quality,variety and taste speak for themselves. There is nothing quite like fresh food coming to you directly from a farm, picked earlier that morning and on your plate that day.

Below is a list of CSA programs available throughout Long Island. Visit their websites and see what works best for you! Enjoy the bounty! (delivers to your home)

Another option for weekly orders and pick up(pay as you order)

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