Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ladybug Cookies

If the only cookie cutter you own is heart-shaped,you can still be creative!Think outside the box.I love to turn cookie cutters upside down,and sideways to see what else I can possibly turn them into.A heart can be turned into a ladybug(perfect for Valentine's Day) easily.Use your favorite sugar cookie,or shortbread recipe and follow my ideas for decorating!Again,this is a fun project,and is open to interpretation.Have fun with it!!!If you need a recipe,look up my Puppy Pops recipe in the search box(I would link it for you,but I am still trying to figure out how to do that correctly)!You will also need chocolate candy melts,available at your local candy/craft store,or at .
     After rolling,cutting ,baking and cooling your cookies, dip the pointed part of the heart into melted chocolate.Let that set for about 10 minutes.Then mix together the powdered sugar icing(see below),and tint with desired food coloring(I use Americolor food coloring,available at ). Carefully spread your icing around the back end of the heart cookie.Let set again for about 15 minutes.Use both your melted chocolate and colored icings to add details such as the spots,eyes and nose.
Helpful Hints:
  - You may also use decorative sprinkles,nonpareils,etc. instead of all of the icing work.
  - You can use ready made frosting if it is easier for you.
  - You may also use red candy melts for the rounded end of the hearts,just dip the cookie into the red   melted chocolate and let set on parchment or wax paper.

Powdered Sugar Icing:
1- 1lb. box of confectioners' sugar
food coloring
   Place the sugar in a large bowl.Add the water,less than 1/4 c.,slowly and stir until it reaches a spreadable may need a bit more water,if so add it in small amounts,so that your icing isn't too runny.If you find you have added too much water,no worries,just add more sugar until you reach the right consistency.I then split the icing into different smaller bowls and add the desired food colorings.
   I honestly do not measure when I make this icing,I just go by the thickness of the icing.This is like mixing paints,your kids will love it!

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