Thursday, February 16, 2012

Martha Stewart's New Home Office Line

I am in organization mode lately,so when I saw these items today,I had to smile!To say I am in love with Martha's new line of  office items is an understatement.Love the new labels she has designed for the kitchen...some with removeable adhesive,so you can label your good storage containers and freeze them,then remove the labels easily when you need to.I also love the variety of colors & designs.

   Another great item,as you will see below,is the vertical file folder...why couldn't I think of something like that?Your paper work fits right in the top slot,and doesnt fall out!Of course,it all fits into the magazine holders that are part of the line as well.I have included some pictures of the line,but there are so many more options than what I have here...check out your local Staples,or visit them online at .Have fun getting organized!

  Here are a few of the new labels available....she even has chalkboard labels!How great would they be for entertaining?You can label all of the dishes you are serving,and the drinks as well(if served in large pitchers or containers)!,love ........

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