Sunday, July 29, 2012

Part 2: Farmer's Market Tour

   After visiting the local farmer's market today,I wanted to share a few more vendors that I love.I have included the websites of those that offer their products via mail order.

   Here is the cupcake stand,a hard one to pass by.They are made by The Cupcake Corner.They offer a variety of large and mini cupcakes,all pre-packaged.The flavors include standards like vanilla,chocolate and red velvet,along with fun flavors such as cotton candy and chocolate peanut butter.

    Another great stand is the local sea food man.Each week you will find a variety of seafood from the waters off of the east end of Long Island,along with salmon and tuna.There are always clams,shrimp,mussels and scallops available.
    The crumb cake stand is a favorite.My sister brought  a bright red tin,called "A Bucket of Crumbs," to my house for Christmas one year,and it was filled with their highly addictive crumb cookies.I tried one,and thought they were good,and then I tried another,and another.....They are the perfect treat for the person that loves the crumbs on top of a crumb cake.The go very well with a cup of coffee or in my case,a cold glass of milk.They also offer crumb cakes and pastries. They are made by Hahn's Old Fashioned Cake Company . .
    If you live on Long Island,I hope you take the time to visit the local farmer's is truly a place for one stop shopping! Enjoy your weekend! .

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