Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun Fall Crafts

If you are addicted to Pinterest,as I am, chances are you may have seen these before. Today, I decided to take some of the fun ideas posted on that site, and make them with my boys. They really are very simple,and do not require anything more than paint, brushes,leaves, canvas or paper,and your child's hands and feet. Not only did it make for a fun afternoon, I now have a keepsake of my children's prints! I bought the canvas and tempera paints(non-toxic) at Michael's ,and pulled the leaves off of my own tree.

   For the leaves, simply lay them flat  and paint with desired color.Pinterest showed ghosts, so I thought ,why not pumpkins too?Just turn the leaves upside down,so you will have a ready made pumpkin stem! Once the first coat dries,add the facial features and whatever else you may want to add. Gluing googly eyes from the craft store might be fun too.

  For the prints, simply coat each canvas with desired paint color.If you do not have canvas, paper will work as well,just place in a frame when dry. Once the top coat was dry, I dipped a pencil eraser in different colors to add polka dots around the edge of the canvas. Add a spider web if making the spider print.Paint either your child's foot or hand , white on a foot for the ghost, or black on a hand for the spider. Lay their hand/foot gently onto the canvas, giving a slight push to make sure it leaves a print. For the spider, I painted all of the fingers except the thumb(spiders have eight legs,not ten), and did the print twice,making legs on each side.

   Finish by adding words, free hand or using a stencil if desired. The canvas will stand on its own, but feel free to add a little easel stand under it for added decorative appeal. Have fun!!!
   Happy Fall!!

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