Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown for Thanksgiving, I made a turkey out of many cookies using a leaf cookie cutter( a great idea from Sweet Sugarbelle). So today, I figured why not do the same and make a Christmas tree? I also added some beloved characters that we all know. Here is the finished product...right before my children demolished it.Just wanted to share with you!!!


  1. I love your Christmas Tree Cookie and the Peanuts Characters. They are adorable. How did you make the characters? Are they royal icing transfers, chocolate or cookies? Thank you. Kathy

  2. Thanks! I found the Peanuts character cookie cutters on eBay, but I have seen them elsewhere for less than I paid. Try searching Etsy. The entire scene is made of sugar cookies.

    1. I iced them freehand using a powdered sugar icing.