Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness Cookies

As many of you know, today is Autism Awareness Day. As a mother of a child with autism, I am overwhelmed by the number of people wearing blue, showing support on their blogs and facebook pages, and offering donations and other forms of support to families in need. We have indeed brought this developmental disability to the forefront. I thank you  from the bottom of my heart for that.
   It is my hope, that we will soon find the causes ,as well as a cure for all of those affected by autism. If today's show of support is any indication of what the future holds, I would say we are definitely moving in the right direction.
My son Mikey is a cookie monster, so it seemed fitting to make him cookies today. Spread the word and the love...oh, and don't forget to pass the cookies.
  To find out more about our own personal journey with autism ,visit my other blog at www.hopeformyboy.blogspot.com  .

***The puzzle piece cookie cutter can be found at www.autismspeaks.com

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