Thursday, January 5, 2017

A New Year!

Well, it is 2017 and I have a lot of things to share with you! I have been so busy making cookies that I have fallen behind on my posts, so this one will share many pictures of all that has been going on in my kitchen. Better late than never,right?
I will begin with Halloween. I made many platters for many people,so I will share a few here.
I had an opportunity to make and send cookies to The GO BO! Foundation fundraiser this year(children's cancer awareness), which I was very happy to participate in. These are some of the sweets I sent. Here are a few more Halloween platters....

I also made a variety of goodies for Thanksgiving.

 I am throwing in this random picture of Thanksgiving flowers because I loved them so much! I received them from , a great company that sends flowers whenever you need them or on a monthly basis. I get the monthly bouquets to brighten up my living room! Fun!

  As December approached, I was busy making many holiday platters, but had some other special platters to make as well. A special 9 year old was excited about her Spongebob cookie platter!
 These baby elephants made their way to a baby shower for a sweet mom to be!
 I always like to offer my services to people and causes I believe in. These dog themed cookies went to a fundraiser for a local animal shelter,Bobbi & The Strays, who do a wonderful job placing loving animals with great families.
 The ice-cream cookies were one of a variety of sweets I made for a 5 year old boy's special celebration at school!

 Emojis are also a popular theme this year!
 These are gifts for soccer/football coaches.
I also made some Mickey themed cookies for the sweetest 1 year old!! My nephew!
Then, my world became one big blur of Christmas cookies! Below are a few of my favorites.

 This one was fun to create. It was for one of the Radio City Rockettes and her family. Her mom requested the soldiers,which is everyone's favorite part of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!! Love the show,and loved making the cookies!
 Another friend requested ugly sweaters,without any specific holiday theme! She later told me some of the people she worked with took some home to decorate their trees!

 Chocolate covered pretzels are always on the holiday menu.
 I loved making this box of joy for a couple who bring joy to so many others, They loved it!

 This platter was one of my favorites. It was for a local family who have a serious health issue they are battling and I wanted to include some angels for them. They loved it,and I keep them in my prayers daily.
 This platter was made to celebrate a birthday,New Year's and Hanukkah for a great family!

Every so often, I receive a request that I consider to be special. Below are pictures of cranberry/pistachio ice-cream cakes,along with a platter of sweets. These cakes aren't something I ordinarily make,however a very close family friend asked if I would make them for her husband. His mother made them for him every year for Christmas as well as his birthday. This would be their first Christmas without her and she thought it would lift his spirits if I could make these for him. I did, and he enjoyed them. Honestly, I was not only flattered to be asked to replicate his mother's special cake, but honored to do so,as she was one of the nicest women I had the pleasure of knowing. Special requests such as this,really make the holidays special.
 Whew! I know that I shared a lot of pictures today, but now I feel as if I am all caught up! Now, I will be  posting more often and sharing new recipes,baking tips,decorating tips and more fun ideas with you!Check in often! Happy New Year!!

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