Monday, January 9, 2017

Saying Goodbye to the Holidays

  I spent the better part of this past week putting away all of the things I love to place around my home during the Christmas season. Today, I will work on the tree. I always feel a bit sad taking it down because I love the glow of the lights every night, and the cozy warmth it gives to my living room. However, as we know, all good things must come to an end, and while the house definitely looks empty without it, I also enjoy the fresh start of a new year.
   As I pack my ornaments, dinnerware and assorted decorations, I wanted to take the time to share a few of my old favorites,along with some new favorites with you.
  I am a lover of Lenox. Have been for as long as I can remember. I cannot recall when I originally purchased these plates, but I absolutely love them. They are from the Lenox Old Williamsburg Boxwood and Pine series,and they are one of my favorite sets to use throughout the holidays.I had the matching mugs, but sadly,they encountered my children over the years and are no longer part of my collection. One of these days I will look for replacements,if I am ever able to find them.

Each plate is designed with a different seasonal fruit. The fruits are apple,pear,pomegranate and orange. I just love these...they make me happy.
    I also received some new gifts this year that I absolutely love and am looking forward to decorating/using for many years to come.
   I've had my eye on this plaid pattern from Le Creuset since I first spotted it in the Williams Sonoma holiday catalog. When I received it as a gift just prior to Christmas,I could not wipe the smile off my face!  I am looking forward to making some wonderful holiday dishes in this for many years to come.
 When this packaged arrived,I was so excited! Naturally, when I see anything made by Lenox,I am happy. I adore these beautiful measuring cups. The perfect gift for a baker! I also recieved this beautiful pillow and blanket, which are part of the Martha Stewart collection. I must tell you, as a girl who is always freezing come winter, this blanket is by far, one of the warmest,coziest blankets I 've had in a long time. I will definitely put the pillow away until next Christmas, but the blanket...that is another story.
I also purchase these large candy decorations this year from QVC. They light up each night with a timer and really add a festive feel to my dining room. Fun and whimsical.
One of the last things I put away are my ornaments. I just love having the tree up, and try to keep it up as long as possible. Inevitably, I take everything down because I do not want to be that crazy person that still has a tree up in February! I have, as I am sure many of you have as well, collected many ornaments over the years. Again, Lenox tops my list, along with Radko, Annalee and various others. I started my collection of Lenox ornaments when I was first married. My husband would purchase one for me each year and I love them all. Here are a few of my favorites.


 I love the  Victorian style of both of these ornaments. Just reminds me of an old fashioned Christmas.
Love the snow scene of the first,and the decor of the building on the other. Such beautiful art work. The ornament below is one I found on ebay and had to have. Love the fireplace theme.
I also happen to love cardinals, so I always have a few on my tree.

The first is Lenox, and I believe the second may be Martha Stewart, but not 100% sure. It is one of my favorites.
   What is Christmas without a few mice?

The first two are from Annalee and the last a Christopher Radko. Love them all,especially the gingerbread baker.
One of my oldest, and most treasured ornaments is this one. Sleeping Christmas mice in their cozy little sardine can and teacup. This is the first of the  Lenox series "Twas the Night Before Christmas." It was given to me by my hubby,and each year when I take it out and hang it up,it evokes a plethora of wonderful memories.
    Well, time to wrap them all up and put them away until next year, except the blanket.That is staying attached to me all winter!
  Wishing you all good health, love,luck and friendship in 2017. I hope it is a sweet year for us all.

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