Friday, July 7, 2017

Springtime Celebrations

 Springtime is always a fun,busy time. Here are a few of the goodies I made for friends for Easter,Communions,Baptisms and  a few birthday parties..

   Here is a special carton of egg cookies.So cute.
I made many.many of these jellybeans.
Quite a few of these were made. The peep cookies are always a fun addition to the platters.
The next platter was for a special little guy who loves art. I was pleased with this one!
 These Disney themed Oreos went all the way to Orlando for Easter.
 This nice assortment of linzer tarts and madelines went to a fun gathering.

 This platter was sent to school with one of my boys for Teacher Appreciation Day.

The next two platters were for Communion celebrations.

I also made many cookie favors for Communion parties.

The favors below were made for a beautiful baby girl's baptism.
This platter of crowns was made to celebrate the 60th birthday of a mom who refers to herself as a princess!

This assortment was made for a Star Wars themed party for a young boy. Not bad for someone who has never watched any of the Star Wars movies. Oh well, not a sci-fi/fantasy fan,what can I say? I will be back tomorrow with the last set of cookie creations for graduations and summer fun!

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