Friday, December 16, 2011


Yesterday ,I had the perfect day.My dearest friend & I ventured into NYC to see the Martha Stewart Show.It must have been our lucky day...we received many generous giveaways,a Honey Baked Ham,Martha Stewart cleaning products,her new parchment- lined foil,and a gift certificate to the Sundance Catalog!Even the FDNY stopped in to give out their latest calendar.It was a great show,and I cannot wait to go back again!
   After Martha,we decided to head over to Eataly.For those of you who are not familiar with this,it is the shopping/restaurant brainchild of Mario Batali,Joe & Lidia Bastianich.It is truly an amazing place.Plenty of restaurants to dine in,and more food items available than one can imagine.I was truly in my element.Let's just say this,I liked this place so much,that if given the opportunity,I would move in!!
   As luck would have it,Mario was there for a book signing.Not only did we have a chance to meet him(he's very nice,by the way), I also won a 6 qt. Mario Batali dutch oven!Some people might not think much of that ,but for foodies,it is pure excitement!We had a delicious lunch there,and enjoyed browsing the endless aisles of bread,meats,pastas,oils,vegetables,etc. If you ever visit NYC,take some time to stop in  this place.You will be amazed at all it has to offer!(excuse my hairdo..the whipping city wind is no friend to this girl who is in need of a haircut)!

  So ,basically,yesterday was an "early" Christmas for me!Lots of fun,but now time to settle back down and get back to baking!As I write this,I am also baking tons of cookies for a fundraiser at my son's wrestling tournament tomorrow!Stay tuned,I'll have more cute,delicious ideas for you this week!I hope your holiday plans are going well!I've added some pictures from my adventures yesterday,I hope you enjoy them!

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