Thursday, April 12, 2012


I love reading other people's blogs.Usually,I stick to food blogs,or scrapbooking blogs,but I have another that I love to follow.It is called NJ2LA,and it details the experience of a young(she'll love me for saying that),mother from NJ who has had to uproot her life and family to move to LA due to a move by her husband's company.I love reading this blog for a variety of reasons...first,Amie, is my cousin via marriage(our hubbies are 1st cousins).Secondly,I cannot even imagine how difficult it is to leave all that you are familiar with,all of your friends & family,and move clear across the country to start over.Lastly,Amie,like myself and many of you, is  a foodie.Her blog chronicles her weekly adjustments to west coast living,as well as her wonderful discoveries of the California farmer's markets,west coast ingredients,and some great recipes thrown in for good measure,all with humor and charming wit.Take a look...I think you'll enjoy!

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