Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special Deliveries

   I hope all of you enjoyed your Mother's Day.Mine was peaceful,and calm,which is very unusual for our house.We all relaxed most of the day,then we took the boys (3 out of 4 ) for haircuts,followed by a nice dinner down by the beach.One thing about the day truly stood out...that was my son Timmy delivering lemon cakes to all of our neighboring moms.This has become a bit of a tradition with him.On Mother's Day ,and Father's Day,he likes to pick out one of our favorite recipes,make it together,then he sets off on his mission.This year,he chose the Lemon Yogurt Cakes.He loves our neighbors,and takes great pride in offering them homemade sweets.We hope they all enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them!The adorable cake containers are from Shop Sweet Lulu http://www.shopsweetlulu.com/ ,and the printable lemon tags are from Cupcake Cuties Etsy shop http://www.cupcakecuties.blogspot.com/  ,and were the "icing on the cake" so to speak.Here are some pics...

   Now,we need to decide what to make for Father's day!

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