Thursday, May 24, 2012

Veggie Garden and Farmers

Now that the warmer weather seems to be here,I have started a vegetable garden.My hubby ,along with two of my sons,built  a raised bed for me,and we planted a variety of lettuces,squash,carrots,broccoli,eggplant,sugar snap peas,cucumbers,spinach,as well as a variety of herbs.When planning the raised bed,I had something a little more ,let's say,decorative in mind.However,it was built with love,and so it is.I may have to paint it when noone is looking,but other than that,I have to commend my boys for their hard work!They also enclosed it with not so pretty chicken wire,but it is essential for keeping the critters away.

    We also have planted some red and white potatoes,as well as red & yellow peppers,and tomatoes of every variety.Here are a few pics from early on.I will continue to keep you posted on our progress,and hope to cook up some delicious dishes if we are lucky enough to have some success!!If you have any gardening tips,please feel free to send them to me!Thank you in advance!
    One of my favorite things about this time of year is the return of my beloved local farmer's market.We are very fortunate to have them in our area twice a week this year,and today was the first day!While the crops are still growing,there were a variety of goodies available today(see my purchases above).Lettuce,strawberries,turnips,asparagus,radish,assorted italian specialty breads,pound cake by ,wines,oils,pickles,pies,apples,and our favorite apple cider donuts.For those of you living in the Lynbrook/Rockville Centre area,be sure to visit these markets throughout the summer up until Thanksgiving'll taste the difference between fresh and grocery store produce.Visit Lynbrook on Thursdays 7am-1pm,and Rockville Centre on Sundays 7am-12pm.A big thank you to Terry's Farms  from Orient Point for making my summer table a beautiful,healthy and delicious one!

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