Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

The past few weeks have been super busy!Class trips,Communions,preparing for final exams,and all of the other fun things that come along with the end of the school year.Today,I spent the day with my son Sean for his end of year picnic.Monday,I will do it all over again with my son Timmy.Monday evening,my son Mikey graduates from elementary school,and next week is filled with exams for my son Chris.Needless to say,I am looking forward to the end of next week!!
   It has not been a super-productive week for me as far as baking goes,but I've squeezed in a few goodies,as you can see from the photos above.This weekend will be spent creating Father's Day treats for our neighbors with my son Timmy.I'll post the recipe for his treats ,as well as pics this weekend.Check in to see what we have planned!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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