Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Update/Advice?

   Okay,so if you are a frequent visitor to the blog,you know that I have started a small garden with my boys.Things are definitely starting to sprout,and a few of our plantings are doing well...others,not so much.Here are a few pics of the strong ones...
Potato plants are doing great!
Grape and Cherry Tomatoes
Carrots and String Beans
Zucchini,Cucumber & Yellow Squash!Flowers blooming!
Romaine Lettuce
    We also planted  eggplant,San Marzano Tomatoes and Sugar Snap Peas....and they all died or are about to.Fortunately,the seller refunded our money(they were organic,and over $16 per plant),and were very kind about the entire thing.I must admit,I am disappointed though :(
   While the tomato plants seem to be doing well,we have run into a problem with our Beefsteak plant.Take a look...
How depressing....
Not sure if this is the work of a child or an insect..hmmm...

    Any advice for us?Do they usually split like this,and if so,any idea why?We would also love some ideas for organic methods of keeping the insects away......please feel free to comment and help a fellow gardener!!Thank you in advance!!
   We also have some fall colored sunflowers ready to bloom.....I am looking forward to harvesting them when they are ready for some pretty fall blog photos!
   I'll keep you posted as we head into summer.....wish me luck!!


  1. Hi Miss Barb- from what I was taught..... The cracking comes from too much water, but sometimes that can't be helped, good luck!! I can't believe you have tomatoes already, I have a couple of flowers only....

  2. Thank you.....Timmy has been watering frequently.We'll have to slow down a bit,and see what happens!