Sunday, August 5, 2012

Peach Picking

   A  few of my boys have been asking to go peach picking this summer,so we headed out to the east end of Long Island.It was 95 degrees ,but we set out to find our fruit. Fortunately for us,the trees were loaded with fruit,and we were able to pick a large amount.

   We even found some as big as my hand!After picking,climbing and running around,we walked across the street to the berry patches,and found beautiful blackberries,and sweet blueberries.

   We then moved on to the fruit and vegetable stand,where we had some delicious roasted corn,from their vast corn fields,bought some corn to take home, as well as popcorn and snow cones.
  On our drive home,we passed loads of corn fields....
 It was a fun,extremely hot trip,but well worth it.Now,I will be busy making crisps,cakes,pies and other sweet treats to share with you throughout the week!
  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Wow. Was it free? I'm from Asia and it's really rare to even see stores that sell dried blueberries. That would be like paradise for me, if I'd be able to go there. :D