Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Update

So, when I last posted about our garden project this summer,we had just started....if you remember ,it looked like this....
    After a few weeks of watering,weeding out the less healthy plants ,and plenty of sunshine,it looked like this...

   Now,we are at the point in the season where it has been incredibly hot,causing most of the lettuce to bolt and turn bitter,therefore we had to pull it out.Fortunately,we have plenty of seed to start our fall planting.So,while we are anxiously waiting for our eggplant,broccoli,peppers,cucumbers,pumpkins and more tomatoes to be ready, we have also planted more romaine,arugula,mesclun mix,and fennel.This week we will also be planting some cauliflower plants,brussel sprouts and possibly more potatoes.
   All in all,I'd say we really had a successful first season.My son Timmy really worked hard tending to "his" (remember when it was my project?)
garden,and it has proven to be a wonderful hobby for him.He is already planning what he will be growing next summer,and is going to build another raised bed as well!
   Here are a few pics of the fruits of his labor,along with some meals we prepared so far using our bounty! Many people have asked how we grew such beautiful(and delicious) potatoes....believe it or not,it was a potato seed/bag growing kit I found on was easy and we had amazing results!

 Here are some of our meals....  Have a sweet day!

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