Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cookie Decorating Class

A few weeks ago, I held a cookie decorating class at a local church. The day before the scheduled class,we had a blizzard. It was windy,cold and messy outside. I have to thank all the ladies who braved the slick roads and slush to come and have a fun evening together. They were a fun group of ladies and youngsters,and we all enjoyed our evening. A special thank you to  my friend Mary, who captured the event on film(is that even a thing anymore)?
    Due to the storm, the cute Valentine placemats I  ordered didn't arrive on time, so we used parchment paper instead.

We worked on the basics of cookie decorating, filling a pastry bag,how much pressure to put on the bag while decorating, outlining and flooding cookies.

   Once they felt comfortable, we moved on to adding flowers to the cookies.

The ladies were clearly having a fun evening.

At the end of the night, they showed off their creations, packed them up and took them home to enjoy.

Some of them even wore a little bit of the icing! A fun night for all. Looking forward to some spring classes.

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