Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chocolate Egg Cakes

  Here is a recipe for a quick chocolate ganache icing to go over the cake of your choice.I have used my Devil's Food Cake recipe,but feel free to use any chocolate or vanilla cake recipe you like.You can even use a boxed mix in a pinch!All of the cake toppers are available at .I have used an egg shaped pan for my treats,which can be found at, or in most specialty stores at this time of year.Have fun decorating!!!

8 oz. of good semi-sweet chocolate
1/2 c. cream
1 tsp. instant coffee
  In a double boiler,mix all of the ingredients together.Stir over simmering water(the water should never touch the bottom of the bowl or pan that has the chocolate in it),until melted.Dip your cakes into the chocolate and let sit on a baking rack until set.
    This ganache may be used for cakes,cupcakes,or even to dip cookies or fruit.The addition of the instant coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor!

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