Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick Tip.........

With the holiday season is around the corner,we tend to find ourselves wondering what to bring when we visit friends and is an easy suggestion.Here is a tray of sweets I made for my son's football dinner.Looks nice ,right?
   Well,to make it look more festive,I simply wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with a pretty fall themed ribbon.....looks nicer,don't you think?
   It's simple.Next time you are in your local Michael's Craft store,or even a party supply store,pick up a roll of cellophane(the good stuff,not the flimsy type),which will run you about $12.Pick a few pretty holiday ribbons and you will be equipped to make all of your treats beautiful this holiday season.What is even better is that this works great with store-bought items too!We are all pressed for time during this busy time of year,so if you pick up a pie,a cake or some cookies,you can wrap them up to make a fabulous presentation.
    It really is easy to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary,and your friends/family will appreciate the extra effort!

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