Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Chocolate Mousse Cups

Remember the chocolate cups we made the other day,and I mentioned that I had also made some mini chocolate cups to save for later?Well,here they are,and they are filled with chocolate mousse.I made them small,because this is a very rich dessert.
3/4c. sugar
3 oz. of unsweetened chocolate,finely chopped
   In the bowl of your mixer,whip the cream & sugar until stiff peaks form.In a double boiler,melt the chocolate,and stir until smooth & glossy.If you do not have a double boiler,simply place the chocolate in a glass heat proof bowl,and set on top of a small saucepan that is filled with about 1 1/2 inches of water.Make sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water.Simmer until chocolate melts.
   After the chocolate has cooled,and is no longer hot ,quickly whisk about 2 cups of the cream mixture into the chocolate.If you do this step while the chocolate is still hot,it will just form into big chunks in the cream,and that is not what we want for this recipe.After mixing carefully,pour the chocolate mixture back into the remaining whipped cream.Gently mix with a rubber spatula until all of the chocolate in incorporated into the cream.
   I then placed the mousse into a decorating bag and piped it into the chocolate cups....if you do not have a decorating bag,just spoon the mousse into the cups.Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
**This mousse can be made up to one day ahead.
**If you have mousse leftover,save it!I have another idea for it that I will be sharing with you in a few days!

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