Monday, March 14, 2011

Back To Project Life

Remember I mentioned a scrapbooking kit called Project Life?Well,I have been keeping up with it,and really enjoying it.I find myself snapping pictures of my family each day,and choosing the ones I like best to add to my book.I am already up to date(not easy ,those of you who scrapbook,know what I mean),and I love looking back at what has gone on in our lives during the first few months of this year.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys record keeping,and picture taking.This kit focuses on the ordinary,not just the big events in our lives,that is what makes it so special.Above,you can see a few pages from my book.It is easy to do,just slip your photo into the pages,and write down a little something about each photo on the journaling cards that are included.
   I am really loving this project,and realizing that life really is all about the simple things.If only I had this kit years ago.....but as they say,there is no time like the present!
***There is also a digital version of Project Life for those of you who prefer to work from your computer.Check it out at or 

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