Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scrapbooking-Project Life

For those of you who scrapbook,you know that falling behind is always an issue.Well,now Becky Higgins,scrapper extraordinaire,has created a new kit to make keeping up a bit easier.It is called Project Life.The idea is to keep things simple and real.No embellishments,just journaling and your pictures.It also focuses on taking pictures of our everyday life...the simple,even the mundane.Our kids at mealtime,playtime,I have even seen pictures of our ever-growing baskets of laundry.What I love about this kit is that it reminds us that it really is the little things that make up our daily life,a life that goes by so quickly,that we sometimes forget all that we do each day.Here is what the kit looks like;

   I have just organized my album,so now it is just awaiting pictures that I am currently having printed.It only takes a few minutes each day to take a few pics,and even if you develop them once a week,or once a month,all it takes is a few more minutes to place them in your album and write a brief sentence or two about the photo.
 As you can see,a page is included to help you get started.The first thing I did,was organize by months,and add a date card to each page.

  I also put together the first & last page....

     Now ,all I need to do is add my pictures when I am ready ,and my journaling cards,which also come in pretty little boxes!This is a great way to preserve memories,and has made scrapbooking so much easier for me.As someone who lost my dad recently,I know how important the small things are.I have plenty of photos of "big events",but how I wish I had a photo of my dad making me breakfast as a child,or driving me to school...these are the moments that shape our lives.
   I'll keep you posted with updates as I fill the scrapbook so that you can see how wonderful it is.Happy scrapping!Check out Becky Higgins blog..she's amazing!

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